Rolex Models

Here you can learn some background information about what separates your Rolex model from the rest. Just click on your model from the list below to jump directly to the description section of this page:


Rolex Cosmograph Daytona


The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona was designed for those who recognize the need for precise timing. And like the Rolex Nondate, it too does not feature a date function. It can come in stainless steel, "two-tone", or 18kt gold. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is fashioned with 3 separate crowns, each responsible for a different function of the watch. It is fitted with a calibrated bezel that can be used for reading speed easily. Unlike the Rolex Datejust, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona only has a select few color options for its dial with or without diamonds. Also the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona only comes with a Oyster band.


Rolex Date


The Rolex Date is a 2mm smaller version of the Rolex Datejust. Like its counterpart the Rolex Datejust, the Date model features a date function at the 3 o'clock hour on the face. The band is usually Oyster style, but Jubilee is also available. This watch can be made in stainless steel, "two-tone", 14kt gold, or 18kt gold. It too can have a variety of dials and bezel with or without diamonds. It is fitted with a synthetic crystal and a self-winding mechanism as well.


Rolex DateJust


Rolex Datejust for men or the Ladies Rolex Datejust is a "city-sport" watch, great for both casual and formal wear. They have a Twin lock crown that insures it to be waterproof to the depth of 300 feet. All Datejust models are equipped with a synthetic crystal, a self-winding mechanism, and can come either non-quick or quick set. The Rolex Datejust features the date at the 3 o'clock mark on the watch face. It can be made in stainless steel, "two-tone", or solid 18kt yellow gold. The Rolex Datejust can house a vast variety of different dials, whether it has diamonds or not. The bezel can also come in a many styles as well, from an 18kt gold bezel to a diamond dial. A rare version of this watch is the Rolex Thunderbird, a steel Rolex Datejust with a rotating bezel. Also, you have a choice of either an oyster band or a jubilee band for this style of watch.


Rolex DayDate Presidential


The Rolex Day-Date President is the only watch in the Oyster collection that features both the Day and Date feature, which can come in either single quick set or double quick set. The watch contains a certified Swiss chronometer movement that is equipped with an automatic self-winding rotor. The case is manufactured exclusively in solid bars of platinum or 18kt gold. The crystal is fashioned from synthetic sapphire which offers perfect transparency, but is incredibly durable. The President bracelet was created specifically for The Rolex Day-Date President and is only available in platinum and 18kt gold as well. A lady version of this watch, known as the Ladies' Rolex Date President, is also available as well. However, unlike the men's version, it does not have the Day feature. Both versions come with or without diamonds.


Rolex Non-Date


The Rolex Non-Date for men and the Ladies Rolex Non-date is thinner than many of the other style watches Rolex offers, because the Rolex Non-Date does not feature the date. It can come in stainless steel, "two-tone", or 18kt gold. And although it does not carry the date function, many different dials are available for a customized look, which can come with our without diamonds. As with the dial, the bezel can vary as well. The case houses a self-winding mechanism and a synthetic crystal. An Oyster or Jubilee band can be placed on this watch.


Rolex Explorer II


Rolex Explorer II has a fourth hand to keep track of a second time zone, and features a date function. The Rolex Explorer I has no date function, and is available in all steel with black or white dials.


Rolex GMT


Rolex GMT was designed as an aviator watch that is waterproof to the depth of 330 feet; a fourth hand keeps track of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is an international longitudinal time line used by aviators to refer to a constant time. It is fitted with a synthetic crystal and a self-winding movement. The Rolex GMT comes in stainless steel, "two-tone", or solid 18kt yellow gold. As with many other Rolex styles, the GMT can house a variety of different color dials and bezels. There are custom dials available for the GMT that can come with different precious stones that have been domestically set as well. The choice of band can either be jubilee or oyster. The traditional Rolex GMT was originally designed for Pan Am, as the heads of Pan Am and Rolex were friends. The traditional Rolex GMT has a black dial and a two-colored blue and red bezel. The Rolex GMT Master II has an independent setting for the hour hand, and is available in steel with various bezel insert color combinations and dials.



Rolex OysterQuartz


The Rolex Oysterquartz comes with a Rolex Swiss Quartz movement. The unique look is due to the incredibly strong integral band and case. The advantage of this watch is that it doesn't need to be worn to keep running. It is extremely accurate, and has a distinctively different look. The metals available are stainless steel, two-tone, and 18kt gold. However, although the Rolex Oysterquartz is completely different from any other style, it does not take away its ability to be customized. Dozens of dials are available for this watch in every color and with or without diamonds. The Rolex Oysterquartz is also available in a Day-Date President style watch, known as the Rolex Day-Date Oysterquartz President as well.


Rolex Submariner


The Rolex Submariner is a diver's watch with a unidirectional rotating bezel that is warranted pressure-proof to a depth of 1,000 feet. The watch comes in stainless steel, 18kt gold and stainless steel (better known as "two-tone"), or solid 18kt yellow gold. It also comes with or without the date feature. The dial of the Rolex Submariner are typically black or blue. However, there are custom dials available in gold, silver, and mother-of-pearl with or without diamonds. The bezel, which comes in a few colors, can only be rotated counter-clock wise. The idea behind the bezel is to be able to time the amount of air left in your oxygen tank. Since the bezel will only rotate in one direction, it eliminates the possibility of overestimating the amount of oxygen left in your tank. It is equipped with a Triplock crown that gives additional security against water leakage and a Fliplock Oyster bracelet that insures the watch will not fall off during a dive. This watch also contains a certified Swiss self-winding movement and a synthetic sapphire crystal.


Rolex Super President


Rolex Super President and the Ladies Rolex Super President are similar to the Rolex Day-Date President, with the exception that precious stones are applied to the dial, bezel and band. These diamonds are typically domestically set by skilled technicians.


Rolex Yacht-Master


The Rolex Yacht-master and the Ladies Rolex Yacht-master is an elegant sports watch that features a graduated rotatable bezel. It features a date function at the 3 o'clock hour on the face. It is made in stainless steel, "two-tone", or 18kt gold. However, the Rolex Yacht-master is unique to the other styles in that the stainless steel version is fitted with a platinum bezel. It also comes in three different sizes; 29 mm (lady), 34 mm (mid-size), and 40 mm (men). Like the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, it too has a limited selection of color dials with or without diamonds as well.