Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Luxury Fine Time. As a valued customer, your needs and concerns are best assessed by respecting your privacy. This privacy statement is implemented to inform our customers of the use of any personal information provided to us, including, but not limited to one's name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, and credit card information.


Utilization of Personal Information


While a customer’s personal information is protected, we may collect and subsequently utilize it in the following circumstances:

  • To fulfill your requests for our products, including purchases, special orders, returns, or exchanges
  • Then customer contacts customer service
  • When customer creates a new account or places an order without creating an account via the website or the customer service department through our toll-free number
  • To offer customers other products or services that may further tailor their needs
  • To inform customer of any date specific or ongoing promotions

Purchasing Products at Luxury Fine Time


Any transactions made with a debit or credit card will be placed on reserve to identify products that have been purchased. This information is used to process and reference orders and aid in quality customer support to any questions or concerns. Luxury Fine Time does not accept checks or COD.


Communication of Personal Information for Legal Purposes


Luxury Fine Time may disclose one’s otherwise private information if requested by law enforcement officials in response to a judicial inquiry or order. Personal information may also be divulged in circumstances where a customer is involved in litigation matters with Luxury Fine Time or any corresponding subsidiaries. Likewise, in an attempt to collect a debt, personal information may be released to a third party, such as a collection agency or attorney.


Customer Service Assistance


When a customer notifies a customer representative via telephone, the representative may inquire about personal information to better serve the customer and make future contacts regarding orders and other pertinent questions or concerns. This information will be used for authorized purposes only.


Customer Registration


It is not mandatory to create a customer account with Luxury Fine Time in order to make a purchase. If, however, a customer chooses to create a new account, such registration information is stored to make the processing of subsequent orders more efficient.


Access and Modification to One’s Personal Registration Information


A customer may access and modify one’s own personal registration by clicking on the “My Account” link and making the necessary charges after log-in with the registered password. We recommend you do not share your password with any person and if written, please keep in a secure location.


Security of Confidential Customer Information


Luxury Fine Time does not guarantee 100% security. However, Luxury Fine Time strictly prohibits unauthorized access, and corresponding utilization of personal customer information. To protect potential infringement of customer privacy, affirmative technical and administrative efforts are executed. Luxury Fine Time is committed to protecting its customers’ privacy and will notify a Registered Customer in the event unauthorized access occurs.


Secure Internet Purchasing


Orders placed via Luxury Fine Time are transmitted through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Confidential order information is encoded by SSL rendering it unintelligible to unauthorized parties. Only authorized persons shall possess the ability to view you confidential information. It is important that your web browser supports this level of security. Secure connections can be obtained by downloading the most current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer © which can be done for free.


Privacy Statement Modifications


This current privacy statement and its corresponding subparts may be modified to comply with new laws, conform to future business plans, and to serve the customers more efficiently. Customers, however, will promptly be notified of any amendments. Notice may be provided by various modes of communication, including, but not limited to, announcements on the company’s website, e-mail correspondence directly to customers, and snail mail notification.


Sale of Luxury Fine Time


If a portion or all of the business is sold or transferred to another entity or used as security, personal customer information may likewise be released as part of the transaction.


Contact Us


If there are any questions or concerns about the Luxury Fine Time privacy statement, please contact us at 2965 Johnson Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA 30062 or you may contact us directly at 1-678-905-3035.